New Material Development
  • PS Sheet Development for SONY ( 1995) Used in blister for SONY as Off-Chrolide Vnyl
  • Coat Bowl Development by Bagasse Material ( 1997) Used in Single Box, Base Paper, etc. for Discman
  • Bio-Dissolution Sheet Development (2002) Used in blister of Radio Products 3 companies Co-Development ( SONY/ Nihon Houzai / Mitsubishi Resin) Awarded World-Star-Prize in Barcelona
  • Revived PET Sheet Development (2010) Used in NWW ACC/ NWW Blister / Clear Case and DI ACC Clear Case Registered in Green Book under name of Nihon Houzai
  • Bio PET (2011) Used in SCE Memory Card


New Production Process
  • Pre-Print ( 2000) Production in Japan / Korea Used in boombox packaging.
  • Printing on Surface Clear Case ( 2010) Production in China Applied to NWW ACC Clear Case
  • Printing Anti-Scratch Processed Clear Case ( 2012) Production in China Used in NWW ACC Clear Case
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